Lenni Brenner – Zionism in the Age of the Dictators
Published: 1983-03 | ISBN: 0709906285, 0882081640, 0882081632 | PDF | 277 pages | 3 MB


This volume preceeds Brenner’s more recent “51 Documents: Zionist Collaberation with the Nazis”. Brenner lifts the mask off of Zionism and exposes it for all its failings. Ironically before the “Six Day War” the vast majority of Jews were not adherents of Zionism. Since that conflict Zionists have achieved a true public relations coup by making Zionism the the only “acceptable” antonym to anti-semitism. One can support Israel and not be a believer in Zionism, a political philosophy that predates, fascism, communism and the National Socialist Party. Considering that Leni Brenner is Jewish should give credibility to what the author has to say. Unfortunately much like Norman Finkelstein he is tarred and feathered with the ludicrous accusation of being a self-hating Jew for merely daring to point out the fallices of Zionism. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand how a democracy slips into being an aberration of its former self that readily practices apartheid policies on its Arab citizens and an entire occupied population.


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