Winning Research Funding By Abby Day Peters
2003 | 240 Pages | ISBN: 0566084597 | PDF | 6 MB


The ability to produce valid research has never been more crucial to the academic community, but how do you go about getting the funding for such projects? How do you identify which funding organisations are likely to be sympathetic to your needs, and convince them that they will benefit from funding you? Abby Day Peters guides you step by step through the process of focusing your research and identifying your funding partner to provide the very best chance of success. But, perhaps more importantly, she also goes on to explain how to build and maintain a relationship with the partner, thereby assisting future research. In addition, the book gives advice on writing and successful publication following completion of the research project. The text is extremely lively, with many insights from both sides of the funding process, and features real-life case studies and interviews throughout. 

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