The Fast-5 Diet and the Fast-5 Lifestyle By Bert W. Herring
2005 | 67 Pages | ISBN: 0977253406 | PDF | 3 MB


Grapefruit diets, melon diets, low-carb diets…do any of the work? Do any of them last? Do any of them make scientific sense? The Fast-5 Diet and Lifestyle introduces a dieting technique based on well-known science that yields a surprisingly simple and effective diet in a brief, inexpensive guide. The Fast-5 Diet does not involve drugs, supplements, or specialty foods. It’s all you, and it’s about time. 

About the Author
Dr. Herring is a graduate of Southwestern University and Texas A&M College of Medicine. After medical school, he served four years on active duty as a medical officer in the U.S. Navy, assigned to the Marine Corps’ Third Marine Regiment. Following his Navy service, Dr. Herring joined the Public Health Service as a researcher in the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health, after which he retired his medical license. 


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