FREE Download : Self-Healing with Guided Imagery How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Heal Your Body (Audiobook)

Andrew Weil (Author, Narrator), Martin L. Rossman (Author, Narrator), "Self-Healing with Guided Imagery: How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Heal Your Body"
ISBN: 1591791324, ASIN: B000BYR52G | 2006 | MP3@128 kbps | ~02:38:00 | 146 MB
The verdict is in: guided imagery works. Study after medical study during the past three decades has found that the power of the mind can influence almost every major system of the body- from breathing and heart rate to digestion and immune response. On Self-Healing with Guided Imagery, Dr. Martin L. Rossman, widely considered the No. 1 expert in the therapeutic use of guided imagery, joins trusted physician and bestselling author Dr. Andrew Weil for the first time on audio to offer a concentrated course that will help you immediately experience the benefits of this effective and easy-tolearn practice. The perfect introduction to this "critical component to all healing" from two of America's most trusted doctors. Includes three complete exercises led by Dr. Rossman.

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