Liz Lamoreux, "Inner Excavation: Exploring Your Self Through Photography, Poetry and Mixed Media"
2011 | ISBN: 1440303096 | 144 pages | EPUB | 16,8 MB
There are clues all around you – sounds, textures, memories, passions – just waiting for you to shine a light on them, and unearth the most intimate form of expression – the self-portrait. Inside Inner Excavation, author Liz Lamoreux will be your guide, along with eleven inspiring artists, as you discover more about who you are, how you got here and where you wish to go. Prompts and exercises will show you how to express who you are through the photos you take, the words you write and the art you create.

Find encouragement and fresh ideas in these pages as you:

Uncover prompts to use your senses for exploring and capturing where you are in any particular moment.

Tap into the poet's voice that's whispering inside of you, even if you've never written poetry before.

Be given permission to spend time "Delving into the Quiet," being still and listening to the mindful voice inside of you through meditation to create a balance in your daily moments.

Bring words and art together in self-portrait expression that is as layered as you are.

Take a fresh look inside today; become inspired, through Inner Excavation, to see more than the smiling reflection in the mirror.

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