Donald B. Redford, “Excavations At Mendes” 
2004 | pages: 273 | ISBN: 9004136746 | PDF | 25,6 mb


The first controlled scientific excavations to be undertaken at the site of Tell er-Rub’a (Mendes) were those of New York University under the direction of the late B.V. Bothmer, D. Hansen and K. Wilson between 1963 and 1980. It is impossible within the narrow parameters of an introduction to express our indebtedness to this expedition for the vast array of archaeological data they provided which has constituted a firm foundation for our own work. At this juncture the fundamental work of R. Stieglitz must be noted, as his survey of the mound and the resultant map forms the basis of our division of the site into “fields.”Beginning in the surviving northwest angle of the site, on the south side of the Mansura road, each 100-metre square of the Stieglitz grid has received a double-letter designation. This will provide an easy means of identification and location for both survey and excavation units.


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