Jacques Vallee – Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact
Published: 1996 | ISBN: 0285628593, 0285633627 | PDF | 317 pages | 3 MB


Dr Jacques Vallee, one of the world’s most distinguished UFO investigator, examines alien contact and draws some startling conclusions. From biblical sightings by the prophet Ezekiel to current US government and scientific cover-ups of UFO evidence, “Dimensions” is a constellation of voices telling of abduction, face-to-face contact, conversations, and other encounters with creatures and spaceships not of this world. The ancient Tzeltal indians of Mexico observed half-human beings who could fly; the chronicles of medieval France told of men flying on “cloudships”; in 1897 a wave of sightings across the United States reported a “marvellous airship” and encounters with its humanoid pilots.


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