Kiichi Fukui, ‎Tatsuo Ushiki – Chromosome Nanoscience and Technology
Published: 2007-10-31 | ISBN: 1420044915 | PDF | 288 pages | 23 MB


Despite progress in genetic research, knowledge about the exact structure of the chromosome continues to provide a challenge. Much of that challenge lies with the need for improved tools and methods that researchers require to perform novel analyses beyond the DNA level. Fortunately, rapid advances in nanotechnology, are now being employed to examine, analyze, and manipulate biological material at the chromosome level. 
Chromosome Nanoscience and Technology reviews these advances and their contribution to trends and applications in chromosome research. In addition to offering a guide to current progress, this book serves as the culminating report on a Japanese nanobiology project in the field of chromosome science begun in 2000. 
The project brought together researchers from disparate backgrounds that included molecular biology, biochemistry, protein science, immunology, genetics, anatomy, semiconductor production, polymer chemistry, material science, microscopy, and informatics, among others. Looking at chromosomes as nanomaterials, their contributions cover: 
Devices for chromosome handling, which includes the construction and application of nano and micro devices used for dissecting, analyzing, and manipulating chromosomes
Visualization of chromosomes at nano and micro levels, which discusses methods for revealing nano-level folding of chromatin fibers
Chromosomes as nanomaterials, which presents a new chromosome protein framework based on the cataloging of over 200 chromosomal proteins
Informatics of chromosome images, which examines a new chromosome image database system for animals and plants
This project, initiated a few years ago, now lays the groundwork for those scientists looking to perform further research in chromosome science. It provides them with starting points, as well as useful applications and methodology to assist in the long quest to gain a deepened understanding of life itself.


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